Honouring the memory of people’s loved ones for over 50 years

Just the helping hand you need


Saying goodbye to a dear person in your life is never easy, let alone when it’s forever! With this in mind, the Mifsud Family headed to open a family business of funeral services way back in 1940. 

From generation to generation, we’ve always believed in taking a personal and caring approach with every client who reaches us for guidance and support to plan and organise a funeral of a lost loved one. With Karmenu’s daughter Dorita at the helm nowadays, our company is committed to continue with this friendly and compassionate way of operating. 

No matter how many years pass by, dealing with death remains a hard moment to deal with in life. That is why in the past 50 years we’ve always remained focused on letting our clients grief peacefully while we take care of all the funeral arrangements required for a serene send off.

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