that celebrate your loved ones’ life

Church Funerals

Our solid network with all churches around Malta makes it very easy and fast for us to coordinate traditional Catholic funeral services at a specific church where you would like to hold the ceremony for a dear loved one.

Non-Religious Funerals

Irrispective of your Religious beliefs or customs, we are committed to give you the support and assistance you need in helping you plan and prepare a dignified send off for a loved one with total peace of mind.

Cremation Services

We take care of transporting a deceased person for cremation to Sicily and then bring their ashes in a personalised urn to Malta. You’ll be able to keep your loved one close to heart forever.

Repatriation Services

Whether a loved one has died in Malta or overseas, we take care of the steps required for transportation to the country of destination. We hold excellent relationships with international funeral directors to make the repatriation less burdensome on you as possible.

Burials At Sea

Our team takes care of embalming and preparing the body of the deceased for burial at sea in Malta. Coordinating with the Health Department and other entities is also taken care of by us. Thus, ensuring laying at rest your loved one as per yours and their wishes with great care.

Embalming Services

Providing meticulous embalming services to preserve the body of a deceased loved one from decomposition before the funeral service or other ceremony is held. Whether a loved one has died at home or at a nursing home, you can count on us.

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Hearses & Transportation

We strive to offer the best funeral services to families in Malta. We offer a selection of premium hearses: two black Mercedes-Benz hearses, two grey Mercedes-Benz hearses, and two Jaguar XF hearses, available in white and grey. Additionally, we assist with transportation services to the church and burial site for mourning family members and the celebrant on the day of the funeral ceremony.

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