to help you go through bereavement peacefully.

Memorial Plaques

We assist you in choosing an appropriate tombstone or headstone for the burial site. Ranging in materials, shapes, colours, styles and wording to add, we give you the opportunity to create a lasting memorial to mark your loved ones’ final place of rest.


Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a simple yet meaningful way to salute a deceased loved one. We can provide you with a variety of delicate floral bouquets featuring assorted flowers, and also flower arrangements of different sizes and shapes.

Memorial Cards

Memorial cards, known better as ‘Santi’, are an intimate way of keeping your loved ones’ memory alive after their passing away. We design and print as many as you wish to be able to distribute them to the attendees at the end of the funeral celebration.

Musical Arrangements

Whether you require a specific live musical arrangement, traditional organ music or recorded music on a tape or CD, to play during the funeral service, we can take care of coordinating the process so that everything is in place at the church or other venue.

Death Notices

Leave it in our hands to carefully announce the passing away of your loved ones. By  handling all the necessary media arrangements, ranging from obituaries in the newspapers, on the radio, or other media, we ensure to convey all the essential information about the funeral for anyone wishing to be part of it.

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